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Meeting:  Monday 10 August 2020 6.00 pm - Traffic and Road Safety Advisory Panel

5. Harrow Street Spaces Programme - 2020/21

  • Councillor Marilyn Ashton - Non Pecuniary - Cllr Assad - Councillor for Roxeth Ward and the Northolt Road plans impact on my Ward Cllr Hinkley - Hatch End Ward Councillor. Items SS-01 &SC10 relate wholly or partially to this Ward Cllr Jogia - Canons Ward Councillor, Live at property in Winscombe Way, Stanmore, Own a property in White House Drive, Stanmore Cllr Lee - Live in Canons Park Cllr Perry - As this agenda item and the contents of the schemes covers the whole Borough, I would like to declare a non pecunary interest that I reside in Headstone North. The George V cycle lane is based in Headstone North Cllr Ashton: (Non-Pecuniary Interest) – Local Authority appointed Governor of Park High School Dr A Shah (Adviser) - Resident of West Harrow in the proposed LTN-04 Cllr Benjamin - I reside near to the vicinity of the Green Lane, Stanmore, neighbourhood. The proposed partial road closure may impact on my vehicular use of this facility Cllr Brown - Reside in one of the streets included in LTN-02 (Pinner View Area) Cllr Mithani - Ward Councillor for Kenton West where Kenton Park Shopping Parade was situated Cllr Osborn - Live on Vaughan Road, part of the West Harrow Low Traffic Neighbourhood Scheme Cllr Parmar: Marlborough Ward Councillor where schemes were being proposed

Meeting:  Tuesday 13 October 2020 6.30 pm - Traffic and Road Safety Advisory Panel

9. Information Report - Petitions