Council services by letter

Executive post


Finance & Resources Portfolio Holder


To be responsible for the financial strategy of the Council, including


·         Developing and promoting its annual and long term budgets and policy frameworks including those for the housing revenue account;


·         Ensuring financial controls and processes are effective;


·         Keeping under review fees and charges levied by the Council;


·         Championing effective risk management and business continuity activity;  


·         Promoting commercial opportunities;


·         Ensuring coherent strategies for People and IT are adopted and implemented;


·         Ensuring the Council has effective processes to monitor and manage the performance of its services;


·         Overseeing the procurement, management and extension of major contracts (ie over £1m pa) and the settlement of claims against the Council over £1m.


(Note:  Full details of the Portfolio Holder for Finance & Resources’ responsibilities can be found in page Part 3A of the Council's Constitution).


Post is held by