Council services by letter

Executive post


Strategy, Partnerships, Devolution & Customer Services Portfolio Holder


  • Work with the Government to maximise opportunities for devolution, fairer funding and growth


  • Lead the development and implementation of the Council’s Corporate Plan and Budget


  • Oversee Access Harrow and the implementation of the Customer Services Strategy


  • Lead the Council’s Strategy to address all forms of inequality   


  • Liaise with Government Departments, the Greater London Authority, London Councils, West London Alliance and other local and public bodies


  • Champion the Council’s media relations and promote its brand and reputation


  • Ensure that the decisions and activities of the Council comply with the highest possible ethical standards and that all Members of the Council adhere to the Code of Conduct.


(Note:  Full details of the Portfolio Holder for Strategy, Partnerships, Devolution & Customer Services’ responsibilities can be found in page Part 3A of the Council’s Constitution).


The Strategy, Partnerships, Devolution & Customer Services Portfolio Holder is also the Leader of the Council.

Post is held by