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Statutory Chief Officers' Disciplinary Panel

Purpose of committee

The Panel has the following powers in respect of matters which might lead to the dismissal of, or disciplinary action against, the Chief Finance Officer, Monitoring Officer or Head of Paid Service except in relation to matters concerning redundancy, the expiry of a fixed term contract or permanent ill health:


1.            to arrange for the investigation of the matter;


2.            to consider the investigation report and representations (including in person) by the officer;


3.            to make recommendations to Council in relation to the dismissal of the officer; and


4.            where the panel decides it to be appropriate, to make recommendations to the Chief Officers’ Employment Panel for action short of dismissal or to confirm that the matter should not progress further.




The Panel shall consist of three elected members and two independent persons appointed by the Council under section 28(7) of the Localism Act who will be invited to a Panel meeting as and when required.



Contact information

Support officer: Alison Atherton, Senior Professional - Democratic Services. Tel: 020 8424 1266 E-mail: